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Get your 2016-2017 Flu Vaccine!!
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2013 Allied Health Stipend Recipients

2015 Allied Health Stipend Honorees

Allied Health Stipend Honorees

2017 Allied Health Stipend Honorees

2019 Allied Health Stipend Honorees

2021 Allied Health Stipend Honorees

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2023 Allied Health and Entrepreneur Stipend

In 2013, Shaw Family Medical began awarding allied health stipends biennially to graduating seniors at Shaw High School that aspired to pursue a career in an allied health profession.  The first $500 stipends were awarded to 2 graduating seniors for a total of 4 semesters in the amount of $125 per semester.  In 2015, the stipends were awarded to 6 graduating seniors at Shaw High School.  Also, in 2015, it was decided to name the stipends in honor of "Trailblazer" health care professionals who inspired or influenced the owner of Shaw Family Medical, Dr. Nora Gough-Davis to strive for excellence in healthcare delivery. The honorees were: Dr. Walter C. Gough, Mrs. May Ella Bailey Gough, Dr. Willie B. Lucas, Dr. Nate Brown, Mrs. Nancy Mosley-Bonnie, and Mrs. Willie Bea Taylor.  In 2017, eligibility for this stipend was extended to graduating seniors in the West and North Bolivar Consolidated School Districts which included Broad Street High School, Rosedale High School, Ray Brooks School and Shaw High School. In 2021, eligibility for this stipend was extended to graduating senior applicants at Cleveland Central High School, McEvans School, and Northside High School.   


MMIC Shaw Family Medical is pleased to announce that we will award the Allied Health and Entrepreneur Stipend to the 2023 graduating seniors at high schools located in Bolivar, Sunflower, Washington, and Coahoma counties who aspire to pursue a career in healthcare or business.  A total of 10 $500 stipends will be awarded to those that apply and meet the criteria.   We are also pleased to announce that we have new honorees for the 2023 awards.  These honorees were selected because of their influence on the career path of the Executive Director, Dr. Nora Gough-Davis, and because of their impact on healthcare services that have been offered by Shaw Family Medical over the years.  The 2023 honorees are: Dr. Helen Beady, Mrs. Michellda Bradshaw-Evans, Dr. Pam Chatman, Dr. Lamonica Davis Taylor, Mrs. Kathryn Gough-Jones Muhammad, Dr. Lorita Harris-Dorsey, Dr. Sandra C. Melvin, Dr. Chaka Norwood, Mrs. Tommie Ann Roberts, and Dr. Mary Williams.   


In order to qualify for this stipend, the applicant must complete this application form and meet the following criteria:

·        Minimum graduating GPA of 2.5

·        Be accepted to a community college or university in Mississippi

·        Major in any allied health profession or business concentration 

·        Complete a 500 word essay describing why they want to purpose a career in an allied health profession or business concentration and how they intend to contribute to their community upon completion of their degree.

Once selected, the recipient must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA to continue to receive stipend for the remaining semesters.

A completed application should be submitted by May 15, 2023


Please use this link to complete the stipend application:


2023 Allied Health and Entrepreneur Stipend Honorees

Dr. Helen M. Beady

Mrs. Michellda Bradshaw-Evans

Dr. Pam Chatman

Dr. Lamonica Davis Taylor

Mrs. Kathryn Gough-Jones Muhammad

Dr. Lorita Harris-Dorsey

Dr. Sandra C. Melvin 

Dr. Chaka Norwood

Mrs. Tommie Ann Roberts

Dr. Mary Williams.   

Dr. Helen M. Beady

Dr. Helen M. Beady is a highly accomplished nonprofit professional with a strong background in community engagement, program implementation and management, fundraising, and volunteer leadership management. She is a strategically motivated, competent leader passionate about working with dispossessed communities and addressing issues impacting social determinants of health through programming, policy, and social-level approaches by aligning with key partners.
She currently serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Essie B. & William Earl Glenn Foundation for Better Living. She assists in leading the organization’s programming and develops strategic partnerships to create sustainable changes to improve the social determinants of health, healthy equity, and the quality of life for children, youth, and families.  Dr. Beady’s expertise is in being an effective voice working with community stakeholders, including healthcare leadership experience. She has served on numerous boards and community-based organizations. 

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